Newsham Park Orphanage

Newsham Park Orphanage

Newsham Park Orphanage

The former Liverpool Seamen’s Orphanage, Newsham Park.

A truly inspiring piece of Liverpool’s rich heritage with an equally rich history stretching back to 16th Dec 1868 when the first move was made to interest the people of Liverpool to the possibility of establishing an Institution where the orphaned children of seamen would be cared for and educated. The sponsors of the project comprised a group of Merchants and Ship-owners like the McIvers (Cunard), Ismays (White Star), Holts (Blue Funnel), Brockle- banks and Hendersons.

Following successful public appeals for funds a temporary home was set up in Duke St Liverpool. Liverpool Town Council subsequently approved a gift of 7,000 square yards of land at the North East side of Newsham Park, for the building of a permanent home. On 30th September 1874, the opening ceremony of the Alfred Waterhouse designed building was performed by the Duke of Edinburgh, the 'Sailor Prince', fourth son of Queen Victoria.

Although it has long been under threat the current popularity and intrigue the building holds for people was clearly demonstrated during the 2013 Heritage Open Days which saw some 8000 visitors explore its eerie corridors.

As for the future I am sure there will be many more ghost tours butnow owned by property developer Anglefarm Ltd, its business associate John McKenzie has said a planning application has been submitted to create a restaurant and function suite.


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